My digestive system is in duress. It feels heavy. I have never wanted a cleanse so bad in my life. I have never done a cleanse. It sounds horrifying. Maybe I just like the idea of flushed insides.

The stresses of everyday life feel just a tad lighter when one of the main causes of stress is off the table, albeit just for a short period of time. These breaks are meant to re-charge, and you had better believe I am taking advantage of every moment of this one!

When I was younger, I had big dreams. I believed the lie that all it took was hard work and determination to achieve anything your heart desired. What this little motivational blurb failed to mention was that while your individual perspective is completely under your control, the forces in the external world are not.

I think differently than the so-called normal people. I know that no one IS normal. We all have our demons. Some, like mine, have staked claim to land and started building condominiums and invited all their friends. My head is a cluster fuck. That is on a good day!