I knew when I returned to work after a week-long break that my momentum would come to a halt. The desire is still there, I am just working with a much shorter timeframe. I prioritize what is important, like keeping up with mostly silent weight loss efforts using Noom and have went down to a shorter 10-minute morning meditation from a very fulfilling 30 minutes. Perhaps I can attempt an additional practice in the evening, but I am thinking the longer will likely be reserved for the weekends especially on days/weeks I am in office during this hybrid period.

I noticed I may not have the ability for daily blog posts. Its hard to sit and contemplate, put words to paper, then make it look all pretty with pictures and what-not for the post and the Facebook link I share so I can get my 8-10 daily readers.

I need to be okay with this.

This is an example of expectations I place on myself and then will proceed to beat myself up if I do not meet them. I am aware I do this; I know I should not do this, yet I continue.

I am tired.

I am burned out.

I am not happy.

I am making things worse but putting even more pressure on myself to fix the three issues above.