How to create your own reality

I envy the wealthy not for the material items they possess but rather for the opportunities they are afforded because of said wealth.

The everyday man goes to a job and trades time for money. The money is exchanged for goods and services to survive and exist in this co-created world we live in. It is simply the accepted way we humans have opted to structure our coexistence.

We arbitrarily allow others determine much of the (who, what, where, when, why, and how) of our lives because he who controls the resources greatly influences the will of the masses.

I am not saying I want to influence the masses to do my bidding (although that could be fun to dream about) but knowing that paying taxes could be avoided by utilizing deferred compensation all the while living off of borrowed money on margin against assets that continue to generate income to pay that margin loan seems a hell of a lot nicer than dealing with the hyperbolic shitty job with the shitty boss just to make a mortgage payment, pay down that credit card bill used mostly for unnecessary and overpriced goods and services, and whatever else life throws at you.

This goes back to mindset and perspective. To see things differently you need to look at things differently. You need to forget about what you think you know. You need to accept there are alternatives to just about any point of view. This is the only way lasting change can take place.

I am not going to get healthy if I eat cheeseburgers every day. My personal relationships will not improve unless I put in the work rather than resting on the assumption that relationships never change. Most importantly I need to understand these big changes do not happen overnight but rather through the little changes that add up.

I know that tucking a little bit of money each paycheck into my brokerage account will enable me to eventually borrow on margin against my assets down the line rather than taking out a loan or putting an unplanned expense on a credit card. I may not be able to do this today, but I will if I continue these small habits.

It is comforting to know the work I am putting in today, as small as it may be, is what will make the difference tomorrow. In this is how you create your own reality!