Input equals output, and other lies

I live in a perpetual state of disappointment. I always buy the hype and am let down by the wizard behind the curtain. I fucking hate it. What is even worse, I know better.

The fix- ignore the hype and pay attention to the action.

My fear, however, is that outlook is too cynical. It is pessimistic. It is not maintaining that positive attitude. It is low-vibes, man!

Why? Who or what determines what belief considered good and/or bad?

Do you want to know what I think? Even if you do not (then why are you here?) I will tell you anyway!

It is only through action that you can see the true intent as the word can be easily manipulated.

Rebuilding Rados

Words are hopes and dreams. Words are also tools used to elicit emotion and influence action. Words are merely a promise.

Action, or lack there of has the consequence. It is the missing piece from separating the bullshit in your head from the results you want to see. Unfortunately, you must do it alone. Life itself is a solo journey.

Do not believe me? Tell me who or what is ultimately responsible for your reality?

If the answer is not (me) then maybe you are more fucked up in the head than I thought I was?