I think you are an (&!*$)

Days hold no significance unless a group of people come together to make it so.

Take Christmas for example. When I was alone living on the other side of the country and these widely celebrated holidays rolled around, for me it was no different than the day before and the day after. It is only now that I have a family the day holds any value above the next.

Side note: This post was originally written using the notes app on my phone. I was getting some thoughts to paper so to say before uploading with a pretty picture and calling it a blog post. The synchronicity of this post is astounding as a family member contacted me today in reference to birthday celebrations and their overall outlook on said events. Our perceptions were similar. Could it be an issue of nurture rather than nature?

It was in this I realized life is similar and in itself it has no meaning other than to exist. The assigned value we give it is merely arbitrary. We are nothing more than the beliefs we hold and even worse and on the other end of the spectrum, the options others have of us.

Now whether you care about options held by others is one thing, but the fact remains my opinion of you (if you are known to me) is who/what you are in my reality. You are what I believe you to be!

Fucked up, right? You can be the kindest most warm-hearted and giving person in the world, but if I think you are a pompous asshole, in my reality that is exactly who and what you are!