Forging my path

It is always easier to try to make positive changes in your life when you are on vacation.

The stresses of everyday life feel just a tad lighter when one of the main causes of stress is off the table, albeit just for a short period of time. These breaks are meant to re-charge, and you had better believe I am taking advantage of every moment of this one!

This morning marked the first opportunity since I started this new journey to test some practices I put in place, and it has me (so far) in a good place to start the external portion of my day once I am complete in chronicling my thoughts.

I woke up (naturally) about 5:30 this morning feeling a bit “blah” as I usually do. I used the restroom and proceeded to head downstairs to check emails, eBay orders, etc. This is a bad habit I know I need to break first thing in the morning as this time really needs to be “mine” to focus on inner work.

After getting a glimpse of what I had “missed” overnight I proceeded to release some pent-up energy that has been brewing the last few days before heading back upstairs to make coffee as my family slept.

After the coffee brewed, I prepared myself a cup, treating myself to some cinnamon creamer, and went outside to enjoy the sunrise while tackling my daily Noom tasks.

I have been using Noom the past few days to help bring my physical health back in line. My weight has increased the past few years having worked ridiculously hard to take it off around 2016-17. I had made every excuse in the book as to why it was acceptable, but honestly, enough is enough. What I have liked about Noom so far is that it takes a more psychological approach to a healthy lifestyle rather than touting diet, exercise, no pain/no gain.

I already know what I should be eating. I already know I should move more. My problem is not ignorance, it is getting from a place of not giving a fuck to caring about my health. If this little app can help get me on track with that which I know I struggle with then it is worth the upfront fee rather than the monthly subscription that most of these types of programs offer.

It is far too early to go into detail about the program at this point, but I must say I do like what I am experiencing so far.

Upon completing my Noom tasks I retreated to my den for a morning meditation practice. Today I opted for a guided meditation using the application Headspace at the recommendation of a friend. I had used Headspace a few years ago when I first became curious about a regular practice but eventually fell off opting for free guided meditations on YouTube. I eventually forged my own path but feel some exploration is warranted as the app has changed drastically.

Another meditation aid I like is called Synctuition however I feel that is better suited for later in the day after taking some “medicine” and going on a 20-30 minute short journey. Medicine is not required but it certainly enhances the experience.

I am legitimately trying to break free from the mental confines that I believe to be holding me back. I want to start living my life enjoying what I enjoy without the crippling fear of judgement.  

In parting for today let me leave you with a thought that came to me during an afternoon meditation session. For me it was a powerful insight.

“Don’t lose sight of what you already have because you are chasing a dream of something better.”

I do not know if it is an original thought or an attributed quote but regardless, it is a great reminder to stay present and be grateful for life’s blessings.