There was a time I used to write consistently. These days I would consider myself rusty. Ideas would flow freely in beautifully worded sentences. I could hit a 500-word minimum for a paid blurb in the time it would take to brew a pot of coffee and sit down to start my day. Sadly, those days have long passed.

These days I try my hardest to put pen to paper, to share a thought even if it means a few sentences. It is practice. It is that first step to get back into the ring and continue the fight (See what I did there with the sports metaphor since I (for the time being) am trying to write about sports cards as well. 😊)

I do not consider myself a writer, not like some of the many talented people I know from days gone by that still create written content for money. I do, however, like to believe I have a unique mind and a lot to share with the world, I just do not know how to get it out.