This is America?

Today broke my heart!

Like many others in the United States, I witnessed something I never thought I would see—domestic terrorism incited by a sitting United States President. While the vitriol spewed from Donald Trump was not surprising, the actions taken by the feeble-minded that hang on his every word did.

What broke my heart was not the storming of the capital nor the damage done. This was certainly disappointing, yes, but it pales in comparison knowing that some of my fellow Americans would whole-heartedly believe the lies spewed as honest-to-God truth.

These people consider themselves patriots. The late John McCain was a patriot, the rioters in DC today are far from that.

We have two more weeks before Joe Biden takes office. He and his administration will have their hands full to piece back together a seriously divided country. My prayers are with him tonight, and with the rest of the country so we may all heal from what was witnessed today.