We must live with our choices

Yesterday I was on the fence over whether to use my quarterly eBay Bucks and monthly credit card points on a PSA graded Luka Doncic rookie card or a PSA graded Mickey Mantle. It was a hard decision, but I made my choice.

It is no 1952 Topps, but it is the first of hopefully many more to come!

The rationalization was simple. In all the years I have been collecting trading cards, I have never owned a legitimate Mickey Mantle card. Sure, I have held on to modern day tributes and reprints of the vintage Topps and Bowman classics, but never a plain base card of the iconic baseball legend.

Away from the emotional aspect of the decision and on to the rational, I do not anticipate a graded Mickey Mantle baseball card to ever go down in value. With Doncic, there is still heavy risk there despite his hobby popularity and skill on the basketball court.