This week at Paul Rados Collectibles– For the week of 11/09/2020

What I am buying: Out of Season Baseball

2020 Topps Update Blasters– I must confess I picked up four of these on a pre-order a month ago and I was informed these will ship this week. In years past this release has had its fair share of chase RC’s and while the 2020 checklist seems weak at this point, you never know who will have a break-out season a year or two.

PSA RCs and Vintage– This would be more for the PC and long-term hold game. I will be focusing on Junk Wax era RCs as well as looking for good prices on mid-grade Aaron, Mays, Koufax, etc.

What I am listing: Back-log

2020 Panini Mosaic Football– I purchased a couple of bulk base lots to offer a less expensive option to Panini Prizm this past week. The cards have been sorted and they are slowly being uploaded to eBay. For 2020 football issues, I will likely be focusing on Mosaic, Prizm, and Optic.

MLB Award Winners– There is no time like the peak news cycle to unload some unlisted inventory. As the major awards start rolling in, some of the items I have been holding onto (think higher-end release Mookie Betts) will test the waters on eBay.

Thoughts and opinions:

My purchases have outweighed my sales in the last couple of weeks so I will need to catch up a bit. I am behind in my listing with a good amount of Mosaic and Donruss football to be listed, and still some Chrome baseball from my last bulk lot purchase nearly a month ago.

Not much is exciting me this week in terms of individual cards or players. Even with the NFL season in full swing all I am really holding on to, at least for the short term are the QBs. Perhaps that is a good thing as I plan to sit on the sidelines for the most part this week.

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