No really, I’m still here!


My birthday was last week.

I turned 41.

40 was both challenging and a blessing.

I feel my mental health is better than it has been in a very long time. Nearly a year on Prozac and seeing a counselor has anxiety under control and depression situational. Unemployment has allowed me to re-connect with my family on a level in which years of third-shift never allowed.

The trade off— I have gained weight, I have not generated income to help support my family, and I have wasted so much time due to mental fog, indecision, and low motivation levels.

I still want to chronicle my life’s journey—both for myself and those who are actively and passively part of it. I don’t have a plan for this web space but I know when I was actively writing I felt inspired by the interactions.

I’m hoping that inspiration can help me find the motivation I am missing.



One comment

  1. You are very brave to share your struggles and it is inspirational for others that struggle also, like me. Thanks Paul

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