Rejection, Love Handles, and a Return to Action


I’ve been away for a while— obviously!

I had a belief that in order to get my life back on track I needed to focus on what I deemed as priorities. My priority as of late has been finding employment, more specifically with a company I had some lines in the water with thanks to a college friend. I tried to “put my best foot forward” while still remaining true to myself. While the opportunities are not completely gone, the underlying issue is there are more qualified candidates than myself. I try not to take the rejections personally. It is easier said than done.

I’m frustrated I have let myself put on weight. Like many others, body image plays a role in my self esteem. As a married man I don’t need to concern myself with attracting members of the opposite sex, but I do have my own interpretation of the “me” I want to project to the outside world. Excess baggage around my midsection is not a part of that interpretation.


I’ve come to realize one of my biggest setbacks is spending too much time in thought and not enough time in action.

So I am back, hoping to find myself again in action— and sharing the process to those who are interested.


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