I want to break up with my iPhone


I’ve taken some time away in an attempt to live life for a bit. There have been days where I have pressured myself to post whether I felt like sharing or not. There are times I feel like there is an audience that cares what I have to say and days where I don’t feel as if it matters if I do or not. This isn’t mental illness talking but rather the realization that I am only the center of my individual universe.

I’m debating taking an extended break from social media again. I spend more time than I would care to admit on my devices consuming information that has no value. Listening to audio books and podcasts is one thing but maintaining an active Instagram and Facebook presence is again losing the luster it holds on me now and then. Time I spend scrolling is time I can spend that actually has value rather than caring that a long-lost casual acquaintance likes a meme of a cute box of puppies.

I make excuses that I don’t have the time or energy to work toward more important goals such as losing the weight I gained by cooking healthy meals and exercising regularly. I do however have the time to like pictures of another random acquaintance and their latest vacation.

I do find value in social sights such as Pinterest which can provide project inspiration. I want to re-engage with Goodreads as my consumption of books has significantly increased during my extended period of unemployment. Even YouTube has some amazing and valuable content if you consider it a social media platform.

Essentially what I think I am trying to say is I want to break up with my iPhone and just be friends. We hang out every now and then but we are not joined at the hip. I’m going to slowly break away from current patterns and see if helps.

Any suggestions to make it easier?


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