The Power of Words, Donald Trump, and Adolf Hitler


Words possess power.

Think about that for a moment. Words contain the ability to influence emotion. Emotion combined with thought is feeling. Feelings form beliefs and beliefs become truths.

This is why words spoken by our leaders create such a stir within us. Those who agree with American President Donald Trump wholeheartedly believe he is leading this country to a better place than it is in today while those same words create such disdain by those who do not agree with him. Those same words influence strong emotions which become an individual’s truth, regardless of what is actually occurring. The same actions and words by one individual create a perception he is a god-send for this country (good) while others believe he is the devil incarnate (evil).

But what is good and evil other than words of perception and morality? Most will agree that Adolf Hitler’s killing of the Jewish people during World War 2 was the epitome of evil but the detonation of two atomic bombs over Japan by the United States was for the “greater good.”

The right collection of words on a piece of paper can put me face to face with someone in a job interview. The right words in said interview can enable me to change my life and the life of my family with the income generated from landing a well-paying job.

The right collection of words on this website can transform this blog from a personal journal to a full-fledged opinion column where millions of people visit every month. Well that and maybe a design upgrade, but you get my point.

Words influence emotion, and emotion is the universal language that creates the realities we exist in. Think about that a bit longer…


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