Work, Freedom, and Bliss


Okay, I have a week to get my shit together before my family returns from vacation. I have one week of interrupted “me” time to figure out exactly what I want to do on just about every level.

What do I want to do for money? What are my goals moving forward? What exactly is this “best life” that has become so cliche and what is mine? How much pizza and sandwiches can I eat before it becomes unhealthy? Probably not very many since I haven’t been to the gym in a while. Okay, I have a week to figure that out too.

I need to find work. I joke about how I need cash for a truck and tattoos, but the reality is life is not cheap and savings is quickly dwindling. My counselor believes I will feel better when I start working again, I would have to agree— I’ve been anxious about money my entire life. Even during times of plenty I always worried I was not saving enough. Abundance or scarcity—doesn’t matter.

I started my “freedom” by cleaning the living room! With the absence of a 5-year-old it will stay organized for longer than 15 minutes. I am in heaven! I can’t wait to clean the kitchen and maybe have to run the dishwasher once every few days! The silence for the past couple of hours is music to my ears. They can run off to Boston and Cape Cod. I am content in my quiet suburban Cleveland home!

Give it a few days and I will be missing them terribly, but today—pure bliss and I don’t feel guilty about it!


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