Truth, Lies, and Great Expectations


The world is broken and it makes me nauseous. All I can do is wait until the time is right or my time is up. I’m unsure what will come first.

It is easy to change a point of focus and simply ignore what is right in front of me. Reality is merely a thought form in reaction to environment. It still doesn’t make it any easier.

I’m over expectations—of others, from others, from myself.




  1. Expectations are what lets us down. However, we live in a society built upon expectations. We grow up with the blind leading the blind expecting life to be a specific way. To be awake is such a beautiful gift, but it can be just depressing to truly see what kind of shape out world is truly in. If only there was an army of us that could convince the others.

  2. While letting the expectations of others go can be helpful some times, there are positive aspects to expectations. In the workplace​ for example, meeting expectations secures your place and provides additional opportunities. Then there are ​expectations for yourself. Some are unattainable, and that will bring you down. However, setting attainable expectations for yourself is helpful. This goes along with the goals that you talk about; for example, you have a fitness goal, which is attainable. So you make little steps towards that goal/expectation by going to the gym. Just thought I’d put a positive spin on this. There’s good and bad to expectations for sure. Take care

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