Getting Back on Track


I took a few days off from my traditional routine to prepare for the 4th of July. We hosted a small gathering of just over 20 people which took a fair share of preparation but in the end turned out to be worth the work. I believe everyone had a good time and “clean up” will not take days. We will host an even bigger gathering at the end of the month for my daughter’s 5th birthday this August. It should go smoothly provided we follow the same course of action we did for this “picnic.”

My routines have been broken and I am coming to terms with that. Usually this would be yet another trigger for anxiety as my nutrition has backtracked a bit and I have not been at the gym regularly. I have put in a fair amount of work at our community garden plot and have the herb/greens garden at home up and running. I will get more pictures posted in a future post.

While I have not been writing much this past week I have been working on staying present. While I still fall into old patterns more often than I would like, I am becoming less anxious about old triggers like social situations and when the budget is a bit tighter than I am usually comfortable with. I consider that progress in personal growth.

I do need to get myself back on track. I need to start aggressively looking for work, pay closer attention to my health, and get my mindset back on track. This “vacation” has been nice but I need to start moving forward in my goals. In addition it will give me something to do.


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