Boys II Men, Letting Go, and Moving On


Boys II Men were on to something when they covered “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” in 1991. These days I am finding it hard to let go of the past and move on because there are a few “good times” scattered into the predominant negativity that fuels my depressive episodes.

I feel if I completely let go and move on from situations I know are holding me back that I am also letting go of the people or memories that made me smile. I know it seems silly, in my own rational mind I can admit it does, my ego will do anything it can to hold on.

I feel by letting go I am metaphorically killing those few people I retain positive emotions for even though none of them play an active role in my “current” life. I’m certain I am a “someone I used to know” person. I’m okay with that, honestly, if that is indeed true.

Ironically my life is better because of situations I can’t let go of. Not because I struggle with forgiveness but rather the result.

Do I need to simply eliminate all reminders to move on, including people? I honestly don’t know.



  1. I once read somewhere that people tend to constantly look back at their past because they are looking for treasure, but the treasure is actually in the future. Stop looking back and look for what’s ahead. Not sure if it helps, but it helped me.

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