Hercules, Chateau de Versailles, and Bob Vila


Gratitude is working!

For the first time in as long as I can remember I had a genuinely good day without anything extraordinary happening. The biggest difference was my mindset. I was trying to stay conscious of things that made me feel thankful. I documented those events on my Twitter account.

The day started with a cup of coffee as I got myself mentally prepared to begin a new fitness habit. Once I faked the motivation I made it to the gym while I pushed myself through what was once a very basic routine. I need to keep in mind that because certain workouts were easy at one time for me, when you drift away from exercise on a regular basis, those same routines become just a bit more difficult. In those circumstances I have learned to scale back and work my way back to that level.

After the gym my daughter and I went to our community garden plot. The progress has been astounding. For our first time gardening I feel we are doing amazing. Sure our plot is not as elaborate or performing as well as some seasoned gardeners but we are learning in a manner I believe is the best way possible—through experience and trial & error.


One of my greatest senses of accomplishment yesterday was transforming an old picnic table that bit the dust this spring into the base of what will become a salad greens and herb garden on the side of our garage. It was a project I have been contemplating for nearly two months and in a flash of inspiration while my wife and daughter were off on a play date I jetted off to Home Depot for for a few supplies, busted out the saw horses and circular saw, and got to work on the transformation.

Two things about this, I don’t consider myself all that handy and this was done as inspiration hit, not through meticulous planning and over-thinking. I’m proud of what I accomplished. It was a project I saw to completion that was outside of my comfort zone.


While at Home Depot I also got a bag of play sand for my daughter’s sand table. When my family got home I had a very happy wife with the start of a raised bed garden plot and a very happy daughter as she got to play outside for hours.

As I said, it was a day not out of the ordinary yet it was one where I went to bed feeling genuinely happy. I spent most of my day in the moment, doing what I felt. I was grateful for the little things the day offered. It made me look forward to what tomorrow might bring!

I made it to the gym for the second day in a row this morning. My workout felt better than yesterday and I was able to leave with both a sense of progress and determination that this will be a new habit. We will see how the rest of the day unfolds.




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