Gratitude, Fitness, Meditation, and Spirit


I’ve decided to start a new section on my blog as I continue my journey in personal growth. It will be on a separate tab similar to my reading list but away from my regular blog posts. It will focus on gratitude. It will highlight the little things I appreciate in the moment. I’m also considering reviving my Twitter profile for sharing my gratitude in the moment. Essentially it will be my own little gratitude project.

I was able to re-commit to a fitness habit by going to the gym this morning. I’m unhappy with the expansion of my midsection. My upper and lower body remains strong but my belly has expanded. It makes me uncomfortable in public. While I know the public does not care and my family and friends don’t judge me because of it, I still have an outward image I want to express. I want to be strong, not chubby.

I was able to sneak a 15-minute guided meditation in while I was on the exercise bike at the end of my workout. It may not be my ideal but it will ensure I get some practice in daily if I am unable to slip away at home for a more traditional session. I found one focused on gratitude while I will continue to meditate on intent while at home.

I’m in the very early stages of creating new habits. While I have no definitive end I know the direction I want to go. This is where I need to trust in the process, receive guidance from Spirit, and enjoy the ride.


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