Ideals, Authenticity, Judgement, and Fear


I value honesty and authenticity. I believe attacking someone who attacks us only creates more attack. I desire to live a life of love and not fear.

Those three statements seem nice, don’t they?

I want those around me to be honest but I don’t want my feelings hurt. I want people to be themselves but I get disappointed if they don’t meet my expectations.

My reaction to someone with different political views is judgement. In judgement I place myself in a dominant position even if only in my own mind.

I say I want to live a life of positivity however my fear of failure keeps holding me back from taking risks.

This is the major difference between my ideals and how I actually live my life. I identify with the statements yet I don’t live their truth.

In admitting my perceptions of myself are bullshit I can begin being honest with myself. In sharing those revelations without a cropping and filtering like an Instagram photo I can begin being a more authentic individual.

In a very divided political environment in the United States it has become so easy to attack someone with differing opinions especially with social media. Remembering my frustration only effects me may be easier said than done, but there is truth in accepting that I have no right in controlling the minds and beliefs of others, only myself.

Only when I stop being afraid of living will I be able to love life.


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