Batteries, Resumes, and Baby Steps


I sat in the parking lot waiting for my bi-monthly counselor appointment. I planed on bringing up the pattern I noticed regarding the frequency of depressive episodes, recommendations for career counseling, and strategies for creating new habits. I went in with no expectations. I left with a better understanding of why I think the way I do.

He brought up a theory as to why my depressive episodes tend to occur every two weeks. My mind over-analyzes everything and does not shut down. When that gets paired with an anxious mind it essentially drains the metaphorical battery which causes full-body shutdown. Those two or three days the episodes last is my body re-charging and I’m back to a functioning state.

In order to prevent this from happening I need to develop strategies to re-charge every few days so I don’t deplete my energy levels. This is where I feel a structured meditation practice will help. It is imperative that I make this a priority.

I can’t say meditation will cure the depressive aspect of my mental illness but it will help manage it. I can’t keep going with episodes on a regular basis no mater how short-lived or less extreme they may be.

In terms of career counseling we agreed I am intelligent enough to seek out various assessments on the internet to help figure out what my true calling is. One area I will likely seek help with in the near future is re-writing my resume. I received some general help from a friend who works in Human Resources which proved very helpful but I think I need a complete overhaul.

When it came to creating new habits we had differing opinions but it ultimately came down to starting slow and not taking on too much all at once. I want new habits to stick and I believe there is a formula that can be followed to simplify the process. We both agreed I overthink things.

With my family away for the weekend I have some quiet time to figure out my next steps. I’m confident I will come out of the weekend ready to head in the right direction.


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