The Incredibles 2, Job Hunting, and Psychological Manipulation


We took a family trip to see The Incredibles 2 on Wednesday afternoon at our local theater. We are lucky enough to have one of those AMC theaters that have the reclining leather seats. The aisles are wider. It seems less crowded. That is a big plus when dealing with social anxiety. I don’t go to the movies often, but this makes it comfortable.

As we were leaving we noticed that if you join their loyalty program you can see movies for just $5 on Tuesdays. If I can get over the irrational fear of going to a movie alone, I can actually build something to look forward to once a week. This is progress, right?

I feel it might be time to get aggressive on the job search front, again. I’ve been fairly passive in the month of June collecting my rejections from May’s labor. It’s been frustrating and disheartening at times. I lost my job in October and left its replacement in November. I have been lost since.

There is work out there. My biggest fear is making a mistake. The easiest way to not make a mistake is to not make a decision. What do I want to do moving forward? I don’t know because I am too scared to figure it out. I am to scared to take a chance and go for something. If it doesn’t work out I am in the same position I am right now. If I do take a chance something good may come out of it. I legitimately have nothing to lose yet I am still too scared to do something about it. That needs to change.

I have been reading a fair amount about habits these last few days. I’ve learned our brain naturally wants to do as little work as possible thus these habits are formed so we can essentially run on auto-pilot. This can be both good and bad. It is bad when habits are slowing you down from reaching your goals but it is good knowing you are able to manipulate your own habits once you figure out how. That is exactly what I am trying to learn.

I feel that if I can create new habits that can stick, I can change my life. It makes perfect sense. I just need to learn the formula to make it stick. Once I do, look out.


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