Thankful for my Privilege


I lead a privileged life and for that I am grateful.

Often I find myself complaining about my life situation. I’m currently seeking employment meaning I do not have a regular source of personal income. I do however have a spouse which busts her butt to enable the lifestyle we lead.

We do not experience food insecurity. Our food issues involve the spoiling of produce in the refrigerator and coming to an agreement of what we have a taste for. If we are lazy, we have the ability to order takeout.

We own a home in which we are paying a mortgage. We are very privileged in the fact many couples younger than us simply cannot afford the opportunity I feel I sometimes take for granted. I complain about all the work that still needs to be done to make our home “more ideal.” The fact is I am not paying rent to another entity and more importantly, am building equity.

We were able to have a child without issue. There are so many couples in the world that would give almost anything for the ability to raise a child of their own. We know people that have suffered tragic loss after getting pregnant and others who have spent thousands of dollars out of pocket for fertility treatments. We had none of those issues, and got pregnant shortly after our decision to start a family.

While we still must live responsibly and within our means, very rarely do we have to go without something we want. Yes, I would love to trade in my car for a truck but it is something that will happen eventually once other priorities are squared away. I’m okay with waiting for time when it will be “easier” to allocate resources for that privilege.

We live in a safe neighborhood on the west side of Cleveland. Our daughter is in a school district we consider good. We have neighbors that look out for us.

We have the time to spend together this summer with my wife off for the summer and me seeking employment. What we do with that time is solely up to us, but we are privileged to have this time together.

In my effort to simplify my life I am starting with the basics. Being grateful for my privilege and blessings is where it all begins.




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