Learning About Living


I wrote yesterday how I am “pressing the reset button” in an effort to live my best life. In doing so, it does not mean I will immediately see improvement in my life situation. It simply means I recognize there is a problem and need to do something about it.

Now is the time I need to re-evaluate what habits are working and what is not. Some habits are beneficial such as daily exercise while others such as excessive television watching might not give me the ultimate life experience I desire.

In this reset I plan dig deep into the “why” I desire what I do.

For example:

I desire to find employment


Ultimately I desire the monetary resources to buy a truck, improve my home, procure experiences, and pursue my hobbies.

While this may be an incredibly simplified example, it will provide greater insight into what my energy is focused on.

Do I still get pleasure from my baseball card collection or would I get a greater benefit from selling some items and procuring a the hand-made dining room table my wife and I have been talking about for the last few years?

How can I find the motivation to exercise and meditate daily? These both are habits that promise a future benefit. I struggle with staying mindful in goal setting.

I’m a child like my daughter. I still have so much to learn about living.



    1. Much thanks! Looks like I know what my post will be about tomorrow! I sincerely appreciate how much you follow and interact with my humble posts. It means a lot.

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