Help! I’m Caught in a Feedback Loop


Indecision and lack of truly knowing what I want continues to keep me from living my best life.

Something as simple as what I want to eat for dinner creates too many variables in my own mind. What would taste good for me? Would my family want to eat it? What do we have in the house? Are we missing a key ingredient? If we are, is there a substitution available? Will said meal fit into my self-imposed diet? Do I feel like cooking something? More importantly, do I feel like the clean-up afterwards?

Next comes the feeling of regret if I decided on a tuna sandwich but then realized I could have had a Caesar salad.

I feel like my mind keeps me in a loop of frustration I am unable to break free from.


I subscribe to the belief we can manifest our desires, but know in order to do so a clear vision is needed. Without it, intent and action is unable to coincide with the idea to bring it to fruition.

For some reason I am stuck in a feedback loop I am unable to break free from.

What is the cause? Is there something I am missing or afraid of?

Awareness is the first step, right?


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