Fitness Journey 2.0 Weekly Update (June 3, 2018)


I had two successes this week worth noting. First, I registered a 1.6 pound loss for the week giving me an 11 pound loss since I recommitted to transforming my body. Next, I recommitted to going back to the gym on a regular basis whether I feel like it or not. As I said in a prior post, the first of the month always helps to get back on track. My body goals for the month of getting to the 250s and getting to the gym 20 out of 30 days this month are attainable so long as I make it a priority and stay on track.


I want getting my body transformation to become a habit rather than a priority I have to focus on. What I mean by that is I want it to be natural that I eat intuitively rather than utilizing a program such as Weight Watchers to manage my intake. I want chicken, broccoli, and rice to be more appealing than a cheeseburger and fries. I want going to the gym everyday to be something I look forward to rather than something I know I have to do to meet my goals. I was there once before, then I lost it. I can get there again.


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