June 2018 Goals and Intentions


I enjoy the first day of the month. It is a mental fresh start for changes similar to Sunday being a fresh start to the week. Logically I know these days are meaningless but in my chaotic mind where organization is crucial, it provides a good starting point. Here are my goals for the four key aspects of my existence this month.

I welcome all tips and recommendations!


I want to make it to the gym 20 out of 30 days this month, and exercise at home on days I am unable. I posted fitness transformation photo on Instagram from someone I finally felt inspired by. I don’t know this guy or anything about him but there was such a strong resonation that I needed to listen.

I want to flirt with the 250s. Its hard for me to be happy with that number when I was in the 220s this time last year. I’ve made bad food choices for pleasure in the moment. What can be considered splurges once in a while became daily occurrences. I was not exercising regularly. Sticking to the Weight Watchers plan will help with this. Tracking works and my life is not so busy where I can’t do it everyday.


I want to start generating income so I can pay for the experiences I desire. The itch for tattoo work has been getting strong. Summer brings the opportunity for day trips with my family with my daughter and wife out of school. Even simple projects around the house take resources. Not generating resources limits opportunity. If I can’t go to a “9-5” I should at least get creative to be able to do the things I want.

I want to finally get around to starting the ultimate bucket list of experiences I desire. From travel to restaurants to activities. Finally getting it down on paper is one of those starting point I always talk about but don’t know how to achieve.


I want to discover new strategies to clear up the mental clutter I battle with on a daily basis. I’m not sure if this will be through continuing to simplify my daily experience or something I have yet to discover. Dealing with the clutter has been on my mind for a little while now meaning it is something I should pay closer attention to rather than trying to bury it.

I want to start learning a new skill. At this point I don’t know what it is or what even interests me enough. Perhaps it is gardening since we posses a plot in the community garden and own a home that provides the opportunity for landscape. Perhaps it is time I get my Spanish up to speed or start anew and learn French. Woodworking? I’m not sure but I will figure it out by the end of the month.


I want to start A Course In Miracles. It has been mentioned in multiple books I have read/listened to as well as from personal improvement YouTubers I watch on a regular basis. I have a strong belief in Carl Jung’s concept of synchronicity and this is something that keeps presenting itself to me.

I want to make it a priority to meditate daily. It has been difficult with my wife and daughter home daily but I know that is an excuse. Meditation is as important to my mental health recovery as medication and visits with my counselor.


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