Why Life is not Fair


Life is not fair!

It is harsh reality that I still find difficult to accept at times. I bought into the whole idea that hard work is always rewarded, good things happen to good people, and others always have my back. It’s simply not true.

We live in a society ruled by competition. We are told there are a finite number of resources and we must either fight to protect what we have or fight to get what we feel “our share” might be. We are led to believe one race is better than another, one religion is the only way, or one country is superior to another.


Has anyone ever taken a step back and asked why?

Power? Control? Opportunity?

In my recent past I have been stabbed in the back by people I thought I could trust for their own gain. I am responsible for that because I allowed it to happen through my choices and actions. I played just as big a role through actions and reactions as those who I feel manipulated by.

Is it fair?

Fairness is merely a construct of our own minds. It is a judgement based upon our perspective.

Does a cute baby bunny deserve to have it’s throat cut and consumed by a hungry hawk looking for a meal and to provide for it’s offspring? In nature it simply does not matter. It is about survival and advancement of the species.


Fairness is a construct just as morality.

Most of us feel killing each other is bad, with the exception of war between nations for some reason difficult to comprehend. We can justify theft in some cases. Sexual preference is always good topic in the morality arena.


Ultimately all we have is our individual beliefs and our actions. Our actions come with consequences whether we believe them to be fair or not. I may believe a little marijuana is harmless to “take the edge off” once in a while but the police officer tasked by lawmakers believe otherwise, as does the potential employer who would refuse to offer employment because I partook on a random night two weeks ago when anxiety was running rampant.

What is acceptable is pouring a glass of bourbon which induces a less-controllable and similar effect. Does it make sense? Is it fair? Is one more moral than the other?

Unfortunately that is not for me to decide. What is for me to decide is how I choose react to experience and rationalize my beliefs. Those all have consequences—fair or not!


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