My Dying Breath


There is an idea floating around that life as we know it is just like a video game. We are infinite spiritual beings having a human experience. Unfortunately as part of this human experience we face the issue of not remembering anything from prior incarnations, human or otherwise.

Going with this belief is there is no morality, just experience. One does not go to a place of eternal paradise if the believe a historical figure is God and eternal damnation and suffering if they do not.

We aren’t supposed to live a life where a good portion of our time goes to create imaginary trading units in exchange for significantly less imaginary trading units allowing us to acquire items we will eventually dispose of a short time later.

Has anyone else noticed how the media refers to us as “consumers?” According to whom is our sole purpose to consume? Why is it more desirable to spend hours on our cell phones “liking” pictures strangers have posted to Instagram than cooking and sharing a meal with neighbors of over five years that you barely know?

Why are we too busy to go to a lecture on a topic we know little about but have plenty of time to binge watch a television series on Netflix?

When I am ready to take my last breath, what am I going to regret most about the time I was given that I failed to take advantage of? Will any of it even matter afterwards?



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