Fitness Journey 2.0 Weekly Update (May 27, 2018)


The best way to explain this past week in terms of fitness was a needed rest. Early in the week I began to feel the stages of major burnout and needed to take a step back somewhere. Since mental health will be my top priority for the foreseeable future, I needed to scale back my fitness routine simply to get my head back on straight.

Something about myself I have recently noticed, but has likely been obvious to those close to me, is that I tend to go “all in” in terms of chasing after goals. While that may be good in terms of staying focused and determined, for me since I struggle with perfectionism and self-worth issues, it can often wander off into unhealthy territory. When I am unable to keep the momentum going, my body and mind shut down. That is what happened this week. I had a breakdown on Wednesday where my body revolted. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally spent.


For most of the week I did not track my consumption on Weight Watchers nor did I go to the gym. I had some physical activity with house and yard work but did not lift or do cardio at the gym. Many meals were healthy but there were some that were not. I had McDonald’s, pizza, and a cheese steak from a food truck this week. I enjoyed those foods without guilt or remorse. I do know I need to get back to conscious healthy eating. This week was a needed vacation. A few meals will be thrown in but not days worth.

The “damage” on the scale was not that bad. I had a 0.9 pound gain from last week. When I hit the gym I’m sure I suffered at least a week’s worth of “gains” so I’ll start by scaling it back just a bit to see where my new resistance point is.


This time around I am in no hurry but I don’t want it to take forever before I’m not self-conscious about my midsection, especially since I can’t hide in a bulky hoodie during the hot summer months.


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