The Start of Summer


Let summer begin—well at least in my household. Both my wife and daughter have finished school for the year, and with me still looking for work there will be plenty of time to get some projects done in the yard, the garden, around the house, and maybe even have some family fun thrown in.


I have been yearning for a change of pace for a while now. I even had a breakdown mid-week. The timing couldn’t be better as a change of lifestyle is certain for me now. No longer will my family be out of the house by 8 a.m. during the week. I have mixed feelings about this. I am one who REALLY appreciates alone time.

We got off to a great start to summer at my daughter’s end of the year party. I was too busy having fun watching the children play and talking to other parents to take more photos. I hope to work on that as the summer goes on since I intend on chronicling many of the activities here.

Beside the sheer joy of bounce houses and inflatable slides, the aspiring artist that lives inside my four-year-old loved the face painting. Of the six options the artist gave the children, my kid said “surprise me!”

For me there was no better way to top off the night than with a meal I had been looking forward to all week. I had planned to adjust my diet and exercise routine to compensate for the splurge, but that is something I will get to in tomorrow’s weekly fitness update post. But alas, I did enjoy a cheese steak sandwich from the Superhero Food Truck.


If this was just to summer, I know there will be so much more fun to be had!



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