Finding Solace at the Community Garden


I have decided to add a fourth category to my blog because it’s current incarnation leaves out the ability to share the experiences that shape my life’s journey. In mind I talk about mental health and the aspects of psychology I find interesting. In body I talk about my fitness journey and hope to add some culinary aspects in the future. In spirit I explore belief systems as it relates to the “higher self” including meditation and some theological ideas. The category that has been missing is life which allows me to have a place to share experiences both highly impactful and personal that shape my interpretation of reality.

Welcome to the first post in Life.

Ever since we purchased our home back in 2013 I had a dream of tending to a bustling garden, not only cutting down our grocery budget during the summer months but also giving me something to do during my free time. The reality of our portion of the Cleveland suburbs is we get seasonal flooding, sporadic sunlight due to trees lining our property line, and more than our fair share of deer, chipmunks, and rabbits. Worth noting is we live in a more urban suburban setting which makes me question where these deer actually call home when not wandering in our backyard snacking on our hostas.


Thankfully our city has a community garden and we were able to secure a plot. It is a humble 5’x20’ chunk of land in a gated space a little over a mile away from our house. I wasn’t aware there were going to be so many rules, regulations, and passionate gardeners but we are doing our best getting our plot set up and seeking out other noobs to cower in the corner with if we ask the “wrong” question about soil pH.

Our humble plot has grown by leaps and bounds after investing a few dollars and a few hours to make it our own. I believe it is ours moving forward provided we pay our yearly fee and don’t get put on probation for asking too many questions.


Even more exciting is we will be ready to plant this upcoming weekend. The weather in our area looks like it will cooperate as well.


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