Fitness Journey 2.0 Weekly Update (May 20, 2018)


The most important thing about life is enjoying the experience. We all have our goals we want to achieve and in many cases achieving those goals will involve sacrifice. There is a big difference between sacrifice and denial. In my opinion, denial is a form of punishment whereas sacrifice is the act of giving up something in the moment for a better experience in the future. Self-control is a form of sacrifice, not allowing yourself an experience (such as enjoying a piece of chocolate on a special occasion) because you put on a few pounds is simply self-cruelty.

When I lost weight the first time I practiced more denial than sacrifice. My diet was strict and I achieved rapid success. I remember on time at my daughter’s birthday party I accidentally drank a cup of regular soda. I legitimately got so upset that it ruined my day. Guess what? I still lost weight that week. It still didn’t matter. The goal was all that was important. I had to lose weight, and as quickly as possible. It was all based upon a self-imposed timeline.

This time around I realized the weight did not go back on overnight. Getting it off will not happen overnight either, and I am genuinely okay with that. This time around I am giving myself permission to enjoy my life while improving my health at the same time. I’m building muscle while dropping pounds, which slows the process of weight loss alone. I have a mental image of what I want my body to look like, and there is not a specific weight attached to that image.

Let me repeat that, there is no specific weight that is my goal but rather a feeling and an image in my mind. This is the biggest mindset shift. This is what a lifestyle change is rather than a diet or exercise program alone.

On that note, this week remained a success even with two family events this weekend. I enjoyed both events, for what they were and felt no guilt indulging. I was aware in advance I planned ahead during the week both in diet and exercise.


This upcoming week I have another event on Friday. I’m already aware and will eat healthy and likely put a bit extra effort at the gym. I’m not going to deny myself that cheese steak from the food truck, but I will be heavy on the greens and pushing myself a bit more on the cardio.

Sacrifice, not denial.

By passing up opportunities like eating out with family due to self-imposed diet restrictions you can miss opportunities like dancing in the rain with your little girl. I know what is more important to me in the long run!

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