A Lesson in Gratitude


There are times it is good to give yourself a free pass, especially when you typically live with a set plan in order to achieve a desired result. Yesterday was mine and I feel better overall because of it.

Due to my circumstances (essentially the self-created story I live in) I don’t get out much, while my re-commitment to my physical health has kept my diet under control. Last night was a change as my sister’s family met with mine for dinner at our favorite Columbian restaurant and ice cream afterwards.


I did not feel guilt enjoying either as I had deliberately eaten healthy for the majority of the week. The meal, which I believe tasted better because it has become a treat rather than a regular occurrence legitimately made my week. In the moment I was able to genuinely feel gratitude for something I once took for granted simply by practicing self-control in my daily life.

Needless to say the company was welcome too. Both my sister and I have started making an effort to remain connected more than we have in the past. Nothing has happened nor is any relationship strained, but having lived out of state for nearly a decade paired with responsibilities of daily life and a six-year (and gender) difference, being “besties” since childhood like some siblings have never been the case.

She is in a relationship with a guy that suits her well and is very easy to get along with. Being someone who does not open up to new people easily, he makes it easy for me with his very laid back, “I am who I am” attitude. Pair that with a very genuine and caring vibe for those around him, and I can’t think of a better partner for her and role-model for her preteen son.

The evening was just a few hour escape from my daily life— one that typically remains the same day-in and day-out, but it was a lesson in gratitude for the simple things like family and a good meal.


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