Celebrating Non-Scale Victories


I love non-scale victories when it comes to weight loss and fitness.

Ever since I committed myself to Fitness Journey 2.0 at the beginning of May and realized that diet + exercise will transform my body to a more desired state rather than one or the other, I have been waiting for something to be proud of other than being down 10 pounds thus far.

My weight training has been simplified to what I have done in the past to keep me on a path of working out regularly. I’m no longer doing 3-day splits like I did in my “prime” but rather some basic movements in which I will gradually expand.

Because I am trying to stay in a calorie deficit I have added some additional cardio to my routine but to ensure I am continuing to build strength I am doing incline treadmill “hikes” which provide a more challenging workout that running alone. To get the full benefit I don’t even think of touching (holding on to) the machine as it gets to the 10-15% incline range. Little do most people realize it takes resistance off the legs when you do thus minimizing the effect of the work you are putting in.


My treadmill program I have been following is beyond challenging. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have been working this training session as part of my gym routine on those days. Since I began, I have not been able to finish the entire workout. I have gotten close, but never finished. This morning I finally was able to complete it. It took everything I had in me to get through those final two minutes but I did it. My sense of personal pride was through the roof. I celebrated with a 5-mile bike ride.

When I re-committed myself to fitness I had let my body go more than I would have liked. I was not eating well and my exercise was sporadic at best. I had worked so hard first with my diet and lost a fair amount of weight, then I let my diet slip a bit but was working out like a monster. Then I lost my job, let my mental health slip to one of its lowest points in decades, and essentially gave up.

With both diet and exercise as a focus I’m excited to see how much I will continue to transform in the coming months.

I’m making slow progress getting my body back in shape, but it is progress none-the-less!

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