Think in Terms of Feelings, Not Things


Similar to my post Meditating with Intention, there is another mindset shift I am currently in the early stages of practicing. It is thinking in terms of how it will make me feel versus the desire for an object or situation. In doing so, the ability to stay mindful (present in the moment) becomes an easier state to stay in. This is especially helpful when dealing with the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

From a material standpoint, lets say you desire a bigger television in your basement media room. Rather than thinking about said television, think about the experience you are trying to create. Think about how the larger television with better resolution will make you feel as you watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Think about the thrill of having the lights off as the action of the episode kicks in. It feels like a movie theater in your own home. This experience is awesome! It makes you feel excited, happy, and joy at the same time. You can’t wait to make this happen.


Or, think about the the Best Buy ad you saw over the weekend showing a 65” 4K Ultra HD television you saw on sale. $899 is a good price but you don’t quite have the money to spare. You could do some side work earn the money. Or, you could just be content with the 20” television because trying to figure out how to earn an extra $300 is too hard. Yeah, what you have is fine, a new television would be nice, but you’d rather just catch up on Handmaid’s Tale this afternoon than take action bring your desire to reality.


The biggest difference between the two is that feeling drove the call to action rather than the details. In the first scenario, the excitement of the experience drove the desire versus a focus on the details which made it seem like creating a new experience would be too much work.

Unfortunately, mindset shifts are not as simple as this example. Often there are other variables such as other people, responsibilities, etc. that must be taken into consideration than simply focusing on your individual desires. Here is where priorities figures into the equation.

Priorities are deeply personal and need to be clearly defined before you can go anywhere. I’ll try to get into that later.


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