The Easiest Way to Change Your Life


Each time I meditate on intention I tend to have what I deem “ground breaking” revelations. Likely this is a sign I need to continue to meditate on this and very little else. It’s shocking what you figure out when you simply pay attention.

While this is more psychological than spiritual, I came to the realization that thoughts are transient, not reality. In accepting this, everything changes.

We live in one physical world we all share. Our thoughts, however, are a mixture of our singular point of focus combined with the multitude of private internal interpretations of every stimuli.

You and I may experience the same event in the moment but our perspective of it can be drastically different. Does this mean only one of us is experiencing reality? No, reality is the experience. Thought is the interpretation of of that reality.

To take it even further we can say emotion is the reaction to experience (reality). Feeling, on the other hand is the union of thought and emotion or belief. Belief is the acknowledgement of existence. While to many of us, belief is akin to truth, it is still not reality because interpretations are fluid.

What gets interesting is when we realize we are the only ones living our individual experience. This is where the popular saying “You create your reality” comes from. You are not necessarily creating a different reality but through your thoughts you create your interpretation of it.

Essentially you can change your life simply by changing your thoughts because it is only what you “think” that is holding you back.


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