Inspiration from a Hindu Monk


My nightly ritual is simple– I pop a Lunesta and go through a YouTube cycle of personal growth videos be it fitness, organization, or creative followed by something motivational or spiritual. By that time the drugs are kicking in so I finish off with an ASMR video to give me that final tingly push to dreamland. It works, until I wake up two hours later due to having the world’s smallest bladder at night.

I have a handful of channels I follow so I am never at a loss for new content. Other times I am drawn to the suggestions which is exactly what happened last night.

From the moment I started watching Dandapani I was inspired. He is a former Hindu monk of 10 years currently serving as a priest, entrepreneur, and international speaker. When I resonate with a good portion of information I get interested. When I resonate with nearly everything I immediately start planning to consume as much information as possible. Most recently this has happened with Eckhart Tolle.

We are truly blessed to live in a time where we have virtually unlimited access to different schools of thought than how we were raised and without fear of physical, mental, or emotional harm by doing so.

I was raised Christian and still attend a Christian church with my family, however I have no guilt or shame by adopting other spiritual aspects from Buddhism in my personal spiritual journey. I am free to take aspects of Islam, Judaism, or the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Pastafarianism) if it resonates within me.

Since beginning my mental health recovery I have started to pay close attention to frequency, energy, and vibration. I see more open dialogue from traditional Eastern thought than I do in what I believe to be very edited and censored interpretations of Christ’s original teachings. From meditation to general feelings around people, places, or objects these “feelings” have more impact on our lives than we think. When you begin to pay more attention your mind is blown. At least mine was, and continues to be on a daily basis so long I can maintain focus on that which is resonating.

The best part is, my spiritual journey is my own. It doesn’t have to be the same as yours to be “right.” In the same light, yours doesn’t have to be the same as mine.


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