Fitness Journey 2.0 Weekly Update (May 13, 2018)



I weighed in this morning to a very welcome surprise. My current weight is 271.8 pounds giving me a 4.4 pound drop since last week and 7.7 pound drop since I had decided to re-commit back at the end of April.


Following a stricter nutrition plan is getting easier. While the idea of a cheeseburger or pizza still sounds amazing, I’m in the midst of my favorite part of this whole experience— trackable and visual progress.

I’m getting back to my body craving healthy foods rather than easy meals. Honestly I don’t know if I am “feeling” better due to my change of diet but I know it is working on many levels.

I have hit each of my exercise goals since re-starting as well. My focus is on strength progressions and not crafting the perfect workout. I am able to push myself but not over-do it, nor feel guilty if I am unable to hit said goal.

For example, I have a very intense incline treadmill program that is above my ability to complete at this point. It works my legs harder than the squat rack and challenges me from a cardiovascular standpoint. I have yet to complete it and haven’t even begun to follow the speed suggestions but each time I hop on that treadmill I get farther along than the time before. I am to the point now I am so close to finishing (literally 1:30 left on a 15% incline before cool down), but I know I’m just not there yet without doing more harm than good.

My weight training progressions are at a good point and I’m ready to start introducing new movements again. I’m considering adding a rowing program in the near future.

When I wake up most days I don’t love the idea of working out like I once did. I’m not sure what happened. I am putting in the work, however, because I know it will lead me to the place I want to be.


There are still plenty of days when I wonder why I’m focusing so much attention on my body again— then I think about how 10 years from now I’ll physically be able to zip-line through the jungle with my daughter on vacation. I will put down the pizza in a heartbeat for that experience!


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