A Work in Progress


This blog, very much like myself, is a work in progress. The key elements in my personal journey are mind, body, and spirit. They way I will organize my posts will reflect that moving forward. I’m still trying to find my voice on this platform and whole-heartedly believe this is a step in that direction.

Mind will focus on mental health as well as interesting (to me at least) aspects of psychology. Essentially the “science” involved in thoughts, beliefs, etc.

Body will focus on continuous efforts in weigh loss, fitness, and physical aspects of my being. Potentially I will delve into nutrition and recipe creation using some of my culinary background as well.

Spirit is something I am most excited to share. We all have our own views on spirituality and every one of them is correct in their own way. Here I will share mine. I have barely touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my spiritual beliefs. It is difficult to identify as a Christian or Buddhist when all conventional religions (or thought forms) have their share of beliefs that both resonate with me and those that do not. I adore the teachings of Jesus Christ as much as those of Siddhata Guatama (Buddha).
Hermetics and Gnosticism also have piqued my curiosity.

Enjoy the ride…


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