I’ve Decided to Manipulate my Body for Science


Hi! I’m Paul and welcome to my world!

I’m trying an experiment!

I’ve opted to become a mad scientist with my own body. See what I did there, because I talk a lot about mental illness and I’m doing an experiment… Yeah, I didn’t think it was that witty either.

In any case, because of my primary focus on mind, body, and soul, I have been doing a bit of research into metabolism and fat loss. Like with anything else on the internet, it could either be true or untrue. As long as it will not kill me, its worth a try.

Okay, there is no real danger to this experiment. The only real down fall would be slowing down my progress. The expertly written advertorials on the internet tell me there is real science that backs up their claims. I say it is worth a try for a little while.

So here it is…

I’m drinking a protein shake before bed!


I’ll pause for a moment so you can recover from the shock!

So to simplify the thought process behind this, taking in roughly 30 grams of protein before bed will not only boost metabolism and burn calories while you sleep due to the slight increases in body temperature but will also aid in muscle development and recovery due to the influx of amino acids.

Planning for this in the Weight Watchers program by staying in a caloric deficit for the day should have no ill effect since the fear of taking on additional calories before bed seems counter-intuitive.

For me it is a very interesting idea. I have nothing holding me back from seeing if it works for me. I’m not trying to get to a specific weight by a specific time. I simply want to look better and feel better for myself. I have a mental image of what I want my body to look like and am putting in the work to get it there.

If anyone out there smarter than me has any tips, tricks, or advice, I would love to hear it in the comments below.


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