My Shrink Drives Me to Cook


Hi! I’m Paul and welcome to my world!

It is frustrating when you have a bi-monthly counseling session and you are unable to get much out of it. It felt as if we had a hard time connecting from the start. I must take partial responsibility as I didn’t come into the session with much. Emotionally I have been fairly steady the last couple of weeks and not much has changed other than paying greater attention to my physical health.

It is unfair of me to expect another human to tell me how I need to live my life in order to experience joy, or even contentment. I should take these sessions like I take the many books I read and podcasts I listen to—take in what resonates and graciously leave what doesn’t behind. These sessions are just more interactive than ideas presented to me in other forms.

Our 45-minute chat was all over the place since I didn’t bring much to the table. He tends to dwell on my unemployment which I always find frustrating. I’d rather try to figure out why I have such a difficult time figuring out what my interests and goals are. He never has a satisfactory answer nor action plan to help with that. Those standstills are never fun for either of us. Alas, he still gets paid and I return two weeks later hoping I have come to a new insight into the glorious world of mental health.

To feel better after, I walked over to Target and bought a wok. I’ve been digging Asian food lately as it works well into my healthy eating plan so I figured why not procure a tool that will make healthy cooking a tad bit easier. I did made-to-order stir fry in a past job so I feel confident in my abilities to satisfactorily feed my family and myself!

The remainder of the day will be the usual—exercise, housework, and figure out what I want to do with my life. Or at the very least—this blog.



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