I Will Not be Motivated by Underwear Selfies


Hi! I’m Paul and welcome to my world!

I want to be inspired!

My greatest struggle with my life in general is that I simply do not know what I want, be it for income or pleasure. It is hard for me to determine if I like something or simply the idea of something.

Let me explain:

Take the popular “fitness lifestyle” that is all over the social media platforms YouTube and Instagram. These are very athletic, motivated, and as aesthetically pleasing females and males who focus the majority of their time on improving their body and some even make a living promoting it as a social media influencer. Essentially it is their job to work out and create content while doing so.

Countless individuals try to mimic these successful individuals in hope of reaching the same level of internet fame and stardom. They go to the gym and mimic these workouts and post as-flattering-as-can-be photographs usually showing as much skin as decency standards allow in hope of being noticed by as many people as possible. These followers will tell them how amazing they are for a few posts. After a while they will get bored and move on to something else when they realize how much work and effort it takes to not only continually improve your body but also to create relevant and unique content to keep others interested. These are the people that like the idea of something.


Then there are the people who have a passion for nutrition and pushing their body. They are proud of the work they put in and have a desire to share their knowledge and passion in hope of inspiring other like-minded individuals to push themselves as well. The attention is great but it is not why they do it. The sponsorship opportunities are great as well as it takes the financial burden off trying to make a living off your passion.


As someone who is looking for inspiration I want to see passion rather than a nicely shaped butt in underwear while taking a mirror selfie.

Maybe I struggle because I lack legitimate role-models or mentors. It is hard to look up to someone who is already successful in doing what I want to do when I don’t know what that is to begin with.

Maybe I spent too many years merely existing and forgot what it feels like to live. Perhaps there is some truth that when you wake up you are faced with the harsh fact you are responsible for creating your own reality.

When you don’t know what to do it is hard to know where to start.



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