The Union of Physical and Mental Health


Hi! I’m Paul and welcome to my world!

Little did I know, even though it is considered common knowledge, proper nutrition combined with exercise does make body transformation that much easier.

I’m not sure if it can be considered a personal strength or weakness, but I need to experience something for myself before it actually sticks. I could read case studies until the sun goes down, hear speakers, watch videos, you name it—but unless I can experience it first hand, it will never becomes a truth within me.

When I initially started my weight-loss journey two years ago I was focusing solely on nutrition. The weight came off in time but my body composition was still fairly soft, albeit less soft than when the weight was heavily packed on. About a year later I let my nutrition slip but was exercising like a fiend. It was easy to justify a Big Mac since I was burning off so many calories and was firming up, especially in my lower body and shoulders.

About six months ago when I lost my job and sank to a scary low in terms of mental health my nutrition became even worse and my exercise was sporadic. Weight crept back on and was not easily noticed in my clothing due to the bulky nature of sweatshirts and general winter layering.

A few weeks ago I finally had enough. My mental health recovery is progressing enough where I can focus more attention on the body rather than only focusing on all the reasons I had to remain alive. I re-joined Weight Watchers because it was a simple enough system to follow and was the reason I dropped the weight the first time. I scaled back my gym “routine” I was doing sporadically and wrote a progressive plan that eases me back into daily routines. This keeps the thought of exercising during my “bad” days manageable. It also allows me to both not overdo it and know the work I am putting in is serving a greater purpose and goal.

More importantly, I am already seeing results. The scale is moving down while muscle definition is returning. My weight-lifting progressions are about building strength at my own pace, not a timeline the internet tells me I should be on. My cardio goals focus on challenging my lower body while burning calories. I’m still working on how to deal with my soft mid-section. Diet will play a vital role there, at least in the beginning.

I will no longer be so hard on myself. There is no reason to be upset or disappointed by the fact I am starting over. I learned something, I mean, really learned something this time around. My experience plays such a crucial role, and because of that, the entire process will have that much more meaning.

Some days I feel like I am listening to myself for the first time. In those instances I know I am on the right path.



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