Fitness Journey 2.0 Weekly Update (May 6, 2018)


Hi! I’m Paul and welcome to my world!

This time around I need to remind myself that my body composition is far different than when I lost weight two years ago. My body fat percentage is less due to muscle mass increase and I am much stronger than I was before.


Late in April I noticed my clothes were getting a bit tighter and my counselor asked if I was still working out regularly. The combination of those two factors alerted me to the fact that my focus on unemployment and mental health recovery was taking a negative toll on my body. I was not working out on a regular basis while my diet consisted of convenience foods and take-out. Months prior I stopped receiving compliments on how great I looked, I guess society is trained to only tell you good things when you know somebody and keep your mouth shut when you are not at your best.

I suppose saying “Paul, you are starting to get fat” would be rude, albeit helpful.

After one week I am happy with the progress. I met my exercise and food goals while seeing a decrease on the scale. My upper body is starting to firm up again, my legs remain strong, and my mid-section will take some work. The weight did not go on overnight, and it will not come back off overnight.

It will come off. Mental illness can not be an excuse. I will improve each week. Life is a journey—in every way.


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