Creating a New Me


Hi! I’m Paul and welcome to my world!

I’ve taken the plunge. I joined Weight Watchers because I know it works. I’m aware that tracking macros would be the most scientific and a lower cost option to shed those unwanted pounds but this system is easy and has worked for me before. My world is evolving at a rapid pace so “ease of use” is important to me.


I’m working a plan for my mental health and am getting my physical health back on track. I have even found and charged my old Fitbit Blaze to help with my activity tracking. I am taking action rather than accepting a situation that does not resonate with the life experience I desire to have.

My body composition is drastically different than when I started this exact same journey two years ago. With self-discipline I will get there sooner than anticipated. More importantly, I am in a much better head space overall.

A big part of my mental issues was the fact I had no set priorities that guided me. I simply reacted and tried to control the environment and people around me. Through self-exploration and mediation I have discovered a few general concepts that will guide my prospective.

Physical and Mental Health

Learning and Experience

Generate Income

Physical and mental health is a given. Quality of life depends on both being in a positive state. I have learned that lesson the hard way, multiple times.

My passion for learning and experience was a huge self-discovery for me. For years I wondered if I had any passions at all. I will dig deeper into this in a future blog post. Essentially our life is one of experience, even the “stuff” many of us cling to, obsess over, or make a priority is ultimately based on our experience interacting with said object. My passion for expanding my knowledge on anything that interests me in the moment is another strong driving force I tended to overlook for years.

While I don’t value myself based upon the size of my paycheck it would still be nice to have one. Income is needed to acquire said experiences so finding a way to get some of my own I pretty high up there on the list.

It is a new beginning. I don’t like to think I am changing but rather creating a new me!


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