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  • Gratitude

    When you have been meeting with your new therapist weekly for over 6 months and she listens that you don’t want to go back on meds. And you continue to talk and dig and poke and prod together. And she finds a course of treatment that she is not her “expertise” but is willing to […]

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  • Ghost

    I was told nearly two decades ago it will get better…

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  • Education

    The circus was never mine to maintain, merely there to observe. Listening, not hearing, taught me that. It came from the most surprising of places.

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  • Escape

    Blinded. Perhaps by choice? With eyes closed you cannot see what you do not want to see. What mask do I wear today?

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  • Mirror

    There is no difference. You will always see only what you want to see. Are you finding what you are looking for? At what cost?

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  • Yesterday

    To be wanted, valued, a priority; to anyone, to anything. When the chosen and unchosen alike, exist in a place where I do not.

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